Positional Trading System for NIFTY and BANKNIFTY

Pointers is based on principles of price reversals and then following that trend for Indices. This system is based on combination of Open Interest and defined rules for price reversals. Pointers is positional trading system which would give the signal much before the price comes at entry point.

What it Gives?
  • Entry Points
  • SL on Closing Basis
  • SL on Real-time Basis
  • Targets
  • Check-Points for Early Profit Bookings
  • Trailing SLs
How to Trade?
  • Take entry as per Position
  • Put real-time SL
  • If closes above/below Closing SL, exit next day
  • Exit half position at Check. If trading one lot, exit full at Check level
  • Trail SL as per system
  • Book Full or Continue at Final Level

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